Hasiči SMS - application for mobile phones with Android OS

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SMS Firefighters application is designed for mobile phones with android operating system. An installation file with the latest version of our application is available.

version: 1.06.13

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Some versions of Android OS won't allow you to install a new version of the app. In case of a problem, uninstall the old version of the application and install the 1.06.10 version.
Verify in your phone (battery) settings that the app is granted permission to run backwards.

How to download the application

If clicking the download button does not start downloading the installation file, the browser blocks the automatic download of installation files.

Open the browser menu above the download application button. (Press a few seconds)

Choose to download the link

Allow download of the application installation file.

After the download is complete, install the app.

The last update includes the following changes.

For version 1.06.10

  • Filter extension for alarm activation.
  • Possibility to test the alarm filter.
  • Check the current version of the application.
  • Check the current version of the application.
  • The application stays running in the background of the phone for the current version of Android OS.
  • Verify in your phone (battery) settings that the app is granted permission to run backwards.

For version 1.06.04

  • Alternative alarm application trigger. If the device fails to start the standard dialog and the siren. The application will sound the siren according to the app settings and display a notification.
  • The siren will automatically stop after a minute or after a set time in the application settings. After clicking on the notification, a standard warning dialog is displayed.
  • The application allows you to start the siren without having to save the sender number in the application. The siren will be triggered based on the "Alarm Filter" text filter available in the application settings.
  • Furthermore, the application contains "Global Filters" that apply to sms text from all stored numbers. The siren will only be triggered if the sms text matches the filter.
  • The alarm activation filter can also be set to a specific phone number in the contact list
  • In the application settings is the option to keep the phone volume in case of alarm in the current device settings.
We would like to thank JSDH Moutnice and all users who helped us with testing and completing the application.
Application settings

In order for the application to work properly, you need to set it up for the first time by following the instructions below.

Run the application for the first time

After successful installation, the application must be allowed the necessary permissions.

After the first start or if there are no messages that triggered the alarm, the start screen contains basic information about the application and the possibility to test the alarm.

A telephone number is required to test the alarm. After clicking on the test button, an SMS is sent, which activates the alarm.

If the application does not have sufficient permissions set, the error message "Do not grant permission to change status is not granted" is displayed.

In case of alarm the application wakes up the phone even in the mode do not disturb. If this permission is not granted, error information is displayed.

  • Go to app settings
  • Click "Do not disturb"
  • The application opens "Do not disturb access"
  • Give SMS Firefighters permission
  • The permission icon in the app must be green
Alarm settings

User can change application behavior in case of alarm in settings.

  • There are three alarm sounds.
  • The application activates the alarm even when the device is in the do not disturb mode. If the user activates silent application mode, the alarm will not sound the siren.
  • User can set vibrations or sounds in case of alarm.
  • The application repeats the alarm until the user cancels it.
  • The user can set the alarm to turn off automatically after a certain time.
  • The alarm is turned off with a positive or negative response.
  • The application allows you to send an SMS to a specified phone number according to the alarm response.
Alarm setting from version 1.06.04

The 1.06.04 version of the application extends the application settings.

The application alarm volume can be set from version 1.06.04 so that the application does not change the set volume of the phone.

The application contains alarm filters. The global filter is applied to all phone numbers in the contact list. The alarm is only activated if the sms text matches the filter. In the contact list, you can set a specific filter for a specific phone number.

The alarm filter can be used as the main alarm indicator. The alarm is activated if the SMS text matches the set filter regardless of the SMS sender number.

Contact list

The application activates alarm based on incoming SMS. Individual numbers need to be saved in the application.

Since version 1.06.04 it is possible to add an SMS text filter to the phone number to activate the alarm or to use an alarm filter. This can be specified in the application settings. In this case, the alarm is triggered based on the SMS text, regardless of the sender number.

Alarm in application

When the SMS is received, the alarm is activated. The text of this SMS will be displayed across the screen of the device. The alarm can be canceled by a cross in the upper right corner.

Press YES / NO to stop the alarm and send a quick response based on the settings. In the case of YES, the text remains displayed.

Alternative alarm triggering - from version 1.06.04

Some devices have an error when they trigger an alarm. The device does not support invoking the alarm dialog if the application is running late.

In this case, the application will try to trigger an alarm with a notification. Click on the notification to display the alarm dialog.

Application info
  • The application serves only as a support application for activating the alarm after receiving an SMS from a stored number.
  • The app is not supported on all mobile devices and all versions of android operating system.
  • We do not guarantee the proper functioning of the application on non-tested devices.
Application version

List of released versions of applications. Previous versions of the application are available for download. Previous versions may contain bugs.

  • version: 1.06.13 - Fixed alarm filter issues
  • version: 1.06.11 - Fixed background issues
  • version: 1.06.10 - Change notif priority
  • version: 1.06.09 BETA - beta version
  • version: 1.06.04 - Extension of application settings
  • Downloading older versions is temporarily unavailable. Let us know if you need an older version.
  • version: 1.06.03 BETA - fix UI edit phone number
  • version: 1.06.02 BETA - fixed alarm activation for Xiaomi and Huawei devices, added alarm activation filter without checking sender number, added global text filter for all stored numbers, added text filter for specific number. Added ability to trigger alarm with current phone volume
  • version: 1.06.01 - remove ads, fix turn off vibration after alarm, rewrite internal application logic
  • version: 1.05.06 - latest version available on google play
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